Once Upon an #Inktober

By María Camp

maria-camp@outlook.com – ByMariaCamp.com

What is InkTober?

Inktober, an annual month-long daily ink-drawing challenge set in October, has helped me make a commitment to daily drawing, at least for this month. So far, so good for days 1-3. – One thing that makes it less intimidating is the realization that you can lightly sketch in pencil, erasing as needed, then apply the ink, and erase any stray pencil marks after the ink is completely dry.

Days 1-3, For Me: #HappyAnvilArt (Instagram: @bymariacamp)

InkTober Introduction

How can I participate?


What should I draw?

There’s an official list of prompts, but they are only possibilities in case you get stuck.

Here is the 2017 Inktober prompt list: f6d18093ca90c8c5-2017promptlistsm02

Other Ideas for Inking

Today, I am thinking I may draw a robot or a clown or a rocket. One thing is for sure: the ideas are definitely flowing. My iPad is full of possible references and notes about possibilities.

A few ways to get ideas include: a Google image search, perusing a site like Pixabay.com, or a prompt generator such as ArtPrompts.org.

Get Others Involved – It’s Not Too Late

I convinced my dad and a couple of my friends to participate as well. I think it will be good for all of us. #Inktober2017 is helping me to take a deep breath, not over-think so much, and just start. Go with it. Make marks, and correct them. Commit to the process.

One of my dad’s InkTober drawings – from his new Instagram account:


Enjoying the Challenge

Once I pushed past my initial anxieties on the first day, I realized it was much more fun than worry, and I am very much enjoying my daily drawing time, as well as the preparation time.

Nothing is set in stone. It can be changed, but nothing gets finished that isn’t started, and, as they say, starting can often be the hardest part.


Additional Resources

#Inktober #Inktober2017 @JakeParker

Copyright 2017 María Camp

María Camp is an artist, writer, and editor living in Alabama. 







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